Environment for development
business applications
For more than 15 years we have automated the business processes of our partners, constantly developing the functionality of products
Business Application Framework:

~ database creation
~ description of business process diagrams
~ development of standard and individual interfaces
~ creation of reporting documentation
IDE contains
Interfaces for creating a database with setting components for each data type

Designing templates or arbitrary interfaces for working with data

Built-in report generator based on RichText components and Spreadsheet components ("as in Excel" reports) and StimulReport.NET

Adapted basic components of Windows Forms, DevExpress and you can add any

BPMN business process design component
Many products have been developed based on the platform
for manufacturers of windows, doors

for glass recyclers

for metal converters

for manufacturers of facade structures

as well as a variety of other design and product calculation tools
We are ready to provide any developers or their groups
with access to the source code of our platform hosted on GitHub
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